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Children as young as 5 can be tested to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses.  A consultation is also available to discuss strategies and approaches for children under the age of 5.  Adults of all ages are candidates.

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What are the age requirements?


Many professionals have access to screening tools that can identify individuals who are at risk for CAPD; however, it is the audiologist who specializes in auditory function and CAPD testing, that is in the unique position to diagnose the presence of a CAPD and the specific area of deficit along the auditory pathways.

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Who can diagnose a CAPD?

Individuals should have normal cognitive function, essentially normal hearing, adequate speech intelligibility, and adequate receptive and expressive language skills. 


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Who is a candidate?

Does insurance cover the cost of the assessment?

Insurance may cover some or most of the cost of the evaluation. We do not bill insurance, but rather we take payment on the date of the appointment, and provide you with the superbill to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement.



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CAPD can co-exist with other difficulties such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and receptive and/or expressive language disorders.  It can also be present as a stand-alone disorder. During analysis of the CAPD test results, the audiologist looks for a pattern in the findings to differentiate the presence of a CAPD.

Is it CAPD or ADHD?

Absolutely!!!  There are many activities designed to "retrain" the brain; to strengthen the existing auditory pathways and establish new neural connections.  A large number of activities can be completed at home for little or no cost.  Formal outside programs are also available.  Most importantly all activities and therapies must be deficit specific in order to stimulate the proper areas along the auditory pathways.   

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Can auditory processing skills be improved?

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