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Symptoms of CAPD:

Symptoms can vary for individuals.  Children and adults can experience the following difficulties:

  • Mishears what is being said

  • Difficulty following directions, especially multi-step directions

  • Trouble knowing how to do a task

  • Difficulty understanding speech in the presence of background noise or reverberant environments

  • Difficulty hearing on the phone

  • Learning difficulties including poor reading
    recognition, reading fluency, reading comprehension,
    spelling, writing, math word problems and note-taking

  • Difficulty telling or retelling a story

  • Difficulty recalling and retrieving words

  • Hurt feelings as a result of misinterpreting what is
    being said

  • May not understand sarcasm, jokes or subtle humor

  • Trouble interpreting non-verbal cues

  • Easily distracted, difficulty maintaining attention

  • Difficulty understanding fast or rapid speech

  • Difficulty understanding individuals who speak with accents


Click here for more information on how CAPD is diagnosed

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